I just bought an iMac.

The cacophony of sound you hear in the background is my Accounting department wailing as the creativity demons bounce around going, "New toy! New toy!"

*wanders off to watch Frasier*
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had to share this

Around where I work, there are a bunch of geese and ducks who walk around the grounds like they own it - there's a pond between my building and the other building that they congregate in. It's so well accepted that there are duck crossing signs posted all over the east entrance near the pond. (With good reason. The geese like to stop in the road and stare at the cars slamming on their brakes. I swear they do it on purpose - "Hey, Marty! Know those big noisy metal things? I can make them stop! Watch!")

So the last week around here has been beautiful, weather-wise, and I've been outside at lunch and whenever I can. On Friday, I discovered a goose on her nest.

But it wasn't near the pond, or the woods, or any place remote at all.

Walking across the courtyard, I was chatting with a friend when suddenly, I heard this part-hiss, part-honk near my foot. Like a cat hacking up a hairball, but angrier and louder.

I looked down. Two feet to my right was a goose sitting on her eggs, extending her neck at us and hissing because we'd gotten too close.

Which wasn't hard. The nest had been built right in one of the cultivated flower beds, right by the lunch tables and the trashcans - in short, right smack in the middle of everything. Mama and babies were right by the tulips, three paces away from the trashcan and was quite indignant that all these humans were getting close. But she saw no reason not to have her nest there. As long as we kept out of arm's reach, she didn't give a damn.

You think they've made themselves at home? :)
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After a weekend of Easter things and errands and laundry and rain and candy and musings about coots and hair appointments and tire pressure scares and laundry and VCR fun and laundry and not as much time to work on art stuff as I thought and computer troubleshooting and Boston cream pies and laundry and Perquackey with my nephews and more laundry, I got home around 9 pm tonight.

...I'm going to bed now. Cannot catch up. Barely unpacked. More tomorrow. :)



Note to self: You score even worse on friend tests when you're semi-conscious. DON'T TAKE THEM THEN. :)

Marie, coherent response will have to wait til tomorrow. Sorry. Bed now.
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So the insurance company is not evil!

Sorry to be MIA all day; work was rough since we were trying to code pages using XSLT with a minimal knowledge of XSLT to go on. So I spent most of my time going, "Why is it doing this? How do I get it to do this? I don't have time to read the entire overview of the structure and history of XSLT, can't anyone give me a quicker reference?"

Anyway, the more important part of this post: got a call from the adjuster working my insurance claim this evening with the final tally. It seems my insane documentation paid off.

Not only did they agree with my estimates, some of their estimates were higher than mine, and the final total included tax and was more than I'd expected. I'm getting a check sometime this week. So I'll be able to get back most of my collection without twitching at the cost. Yay!

And that's all for tonight. Need to get a hold of some people and then crash.
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I am SO dead tired. Here's why.

Left the house at 5:45 pm yesterday to get to the social hall and kick off sound set-up. Fortunately, since we never got to flip a coin, the other backup sound guy was there since neither of us had been certain if the other one would show. Thank goodness. So he handled it for Act 1 while I did Act 2, and everything went fine.

In the midst of this, I was asked, "You coming to the cast party?" to which my response was "huh?" So after the show, I was up for another three hours at the cast party three blocks away, eating snacks and talking to people and watching (as well as helping) the floorboards vibrate since they used the living room as a dance floor.

Woke up at 10:30 this morning, raced to get to the Social Hall at noon today. Sound went fine - it helped that the assistant stage manager was sitting next to me with her notes for mike oddities.

Strike finished up around 6, and we went out to the Double T Diner. It was maybe 7:45 by the time I got home.

It is now 9 pm, and I am about to fall flat on my face.

I will resume normal human functionality tomorrow. Promise. ;)
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I hate being right sometimes...

So, back in August when I had the accident that was my fault, while there were no injuries and the other guy involved was delivering carpet and shrugged it off (and the carpet store wasn't going to scream lawsuit over his dented bumper), I was sure my insurance would double. People told me, "Oh, don't think that way."

Got my renewed policy rates for this year.

Guess what? It nearly doubled.

Well, I USED to have inexpensive car insurance... :)

Not much I can do about this except call my agent and ask about the exact source of some of these increases... the accident is said to have increased it by 53%, so I'd just like to know where the rest is coming from.

Anyway, it's quarter to 5, and I don't know where the day went, and I need to be at the social hall by 6, and it's still a mess around here.

Still not too certain about the mikes. Wish me luck.
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Man, this is so unfair....

Okay, I know it's not a good time to travel internationally, I know security's tight and why the INS is getting paranoid... but I still feel really bad for one of my co-workers (I'll call her JL).

JL is a contractor in our division, and she's worked here for years and has been in charge of some important portions of our projects. She went on vacation to Hong Kong for a friend's wedding. She should have been back last week.

Found out what happened just now. When she was about to leave, the INS up and decided that now was the perfect time to review her working visa - which may take months or over a year. Her sister was allowed to come home, but she's stuck in Hong Kong for goodness knows how long while all her possessions, her apartment and her job are over here in the US. Months, maybe a year to review her visa in full, they're saying.


Again, I know why they're paranoid, and they didn't review her visa before she left because they didn't want to keep her in the US while they were reviewing it - but I'm still pissed off. Some warning would have been nice so she might have been able to take some steps to have at least her pets taken care of and her home and job situation dealt with before going overseas for a wedding and being stuck there for months. She RENTS, for crying out loud; what is she supposed to do when her landlord decides to put up her apartment for a new tenant? (Okay, I think there was no warning because they want to evaluate potential threats - but a 5'2" web programmer who's never gotten a parking ticket isn't exactly threat material.)


I need to go find out if there's anything I can do.
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